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Things I loved enough about the Avengers:

1.  Equal Opportunity Ogling:  The long slow slide of the camera lens up the lovely back view of Chris Evans (magnificent legs, ass, back and shoulders) was matched by the long slow slide of the camera lens up the lovely back view of Scarlett Johansson (equally magnificent legs, ass, back and shoulders.  Usually it's just the woman who gets ogled in superhero movies.  Captain America was a treat!

2.  Loki flirting with Stark (and vice versa).

3.  Cap telling Hulk he could smash.

4.  Hulk smashing.  Enemies.  Aliens.  Allies.  Out of the blue.  Freakin' hilarious.

5.  Loki as Hulk's rag doll.  Loki-whumping in general.

6.  Ironman as Hulk's rescue-cuddle doll.

7.  Thor as Hulk's Weeble (weebles wobble but they don't fall down).  Thor-whumping in general.

8.  Hawkeye, defining awesome.

9.  Natasha getting the drop on Loki... then thanking him for it.

10.  All the times Thor grabbed Loki by the back of the neck and reaffirmed my impression from Thor's earlier movie that it's a good thing they're adopted siblings, cuz if they're NOT doing it, then they soooo should be.

Also, don't leave before the credits roll...

It was so very good I didn't even mind the headache I got from the two crazy homeless people sitting in front of me (yelping all the way through it, and yes, smelling very badly) or the hyperactive teen sitting on one side of me dripping ice cream on my jeans, or hour I waited in line (and I was the first one there, you betcha!), or the latecomer that shoe-horned himself into the seat on the other side of me.  Didn't care.  It was great.  I want to see it again to hear all the dialog I missed, but ooooh, mercy.  It was WORTH it.  The reviewers may be right, it was indeed the best superhero movie I've ever seen.

And I want to take Loki home and chain him to my bed.  With Thor.  And Cap,


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