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Sheesh, it's almost December already.  How'd that happen?

Anyway, new story up at the Keep and the [ profile] glacis journal.  It's for the Mentalist, Cho/Jane, fun of the anti-insomnia sort. (nc17 slash, of course).

My modem's trying to die (have to turn it on and off a half dozen times before it actually connects) and my hard drive is about to die (sigh) so my email's been iffy and my brain's been drained by techie pain.  Which, because I'm apparently a masochist, led me to think of all the things for which I give thanks.  This, because I'm apparently a sadist too, led me to want to share them with anyone crazy enough to read my ramblings.

So.  Things for which I shout THANK YOU in an internal silent mental sort of way:

My friends.  Who still like me even when I turn hermit for months and pop up at odd hours burbling enthusiastically about nonsense.  I have the most fascinating family of friends.  I love you!

My cats.  The reason I come home at night (and sometimes, the reason I go to work in the morning).  Three very different bundles of furry fury who show me they love me in a myriad of ways, from head butts to whisker kisses to graciously puking on the carpet instead of in my shoes.

My job.  A neighbor was recently laid off with one week's notice from a job she'd worked faithfully for 28 years.  While I may sometimes bitch about the daily grind, I do enjoy my work, the people I work with and for, and the dual facts that I have tenure and a down-turned economy is job security for community college faculty.

My health.  I can still work, talk, think, see, hear, feel, create, type, walk, breathe and teach.  I need to lose weight, and various organs are grinding a little painfully, but the temple has not yet crumbled.  Yay!

My past.  While I may not have my Mom, or Dad, or any contact with surviving family (this is by choice), the memories of the good folks who loved me, supported me, kicked me in the butt when I needed it and hugged me often, give me the strength and pig-headedness to live and enjoy my life.

My faith.  Yes, I have one, and it's not the majority in this country (or anywhere, really), but following the Path had given me a peace I couldn't have without it.

Fandom.  Thousands of people, most of whom I've never met, that I already like.  Bonding over pretty men doing slashy and/or angsty things (usually to one another).  Fans keep me as sane as I get.  Plus, fannish fabulousness was a big part of my thesis.  Did I mention (as I seem to blurt to everyone I meet) that I finished my second Master's degree (in communication critical studies) and did my thesis on Stargate (specifically gender role displacement using Daniel as the focal point and how fans make meaning of his embodiment of the third gender)?  Well, if I hadn't, I have now. (snicker)

My fellow vets, and all the active duty folk putting their lives on the line every day (and night) in the hell spots around the world.  The economy wouldn't be tanking so badly if we weren't flushing billions of dollars down the toilet on undeclared wars on two fronts, and the waste of lives is incredible (military and civilian).  My thoughts and prayers are with the service people and their families this Thanksgiving.  Thank you.  More than I can say.  May the good Goddess grant you a homecoming sooner rather than later.

My freedom.  So much could go wrong, and is, for so many people.  I've got a life filled with blessings (see above for some of the greatest) and I am thankful for it every day I breathe.

And finally, Dreyer's coconut fruit bars and diet coke, because everybody has to have an addiction.


Jul. 30th, 2008 07:34 pm
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another three hours in the dentist's chamber today - got a whole new definition of 'triple crown' - used to be a bridge was a fake tooth with wire hooks that connected it to the tooth on either side. Now it's a fake tooth - a crown - connected to TWO CROWNS on either side of it. Yes, they file down two perfectly good teeth and put crowns on them so the bridge is three crowns all connected in one piece. I guess it's a lot sturdier than the old way, but holy freakin' crucio-cows, man, OUCH.

My dentist said I was 'very good' - almost expected a lollipop. She has no idea the aspersions I cast, in the silence of my anguished brain, on her breeding, mating habits, professional competency and swimming depth in the gene pool; probably just as well given how many shots she had to give me (I don't numb well). I now have an amazingly ugly but quite functional temporary triple crown, awaiting the verdict on whether this procedure screwed up the nerves in the previously good teeth (if so, that's another root canal or two - gaaaaaaaaah), then the permanent triple crown in two weeks.

My gums feel like they've been through a meat grinder. My cats are wondering why I'm stoned on Advil and not talking to them.

If I were a horse, I'd be glue by now.

Tomorrow, the eye doctor!

God, I love "vacation." sniff.
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Guess I'm a serious shopper after all. It's the beginning of my 'vacation' (or whatever you call unpaid time between work) and I'm off on a towel hunt (difficult to find the exact shade of green to match my shower curtain) when I go up to the counter and find the salesclerk looking like somebody ran over her dog.

I quickly ask her if she's okay and she says, "There was an earthquake!" I'm thinking it was in Japan or something and her family's been hurt, so I ask, "Where? When?" She looks at me like I'm an idiot and says "Right here! Just now!"

I find to my complete surprise that we just had a 5.8 earthquake (or 5.4, some debate in the news outlets). Seems the floor shook and the shelves swayed. The floor I was walking on and the shelves holding the towels I was examining... and I didn't notice.

Even funnier? When I got home, my cats, who usually start running up the walls BEFORE a temblor hits... slept through it.

Huh. Guess that towel-color-matching thang was really engrossing. (blink)


Jan. 11th, 2008 05:39 pm
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okay, so i'm sitting here hashing out the outline for my thesis and realize i've been discussing how lacanian imaginary and freud's oedipal theory both assume the centrality of the masculine figure, and how that plays into butler's idea that having no words for a non-dichotomous sexual identity essentially erases any concept but male or female from the collective culture making it effectively impossible to conceptualize a third gender, especially in the english language with its heavily bipolar structure... when my audience meowed loudly at me and i realized i should probably feed my cats instead of brainstorming with them...

so maybe i'll go watch the new eps of moonlighting and numb3rs and stop thinking for a little while...
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How'd that happen?

Listening to the wind howl and the rain slash down (heh), hoping the lights don't go out. Am taking a month off to work intensely on my thesis, hope to defend come Spring. Last paper apparently went well (death and resurrection in SG-1) - lovely thesis chair suggested I tweak it for submission to the grad school journal, and present at the Spring scholarly competition - shocked the tar out of me, but hey, it was a lot of fun to write, so I'm game to go with it. Am currently bouncing like a ping pong ball between:
gender (Judith Butler, mainly)

philosophy (Foucault and Wittgenstein)

literary criticism (specifically scifi, but also storytelling in TV. recs: Reading Television by John Fiske and John Hartley; Quality Popular Television, edited by Mark Jancovich and James Lyons)

cultural studies (mainly tv emphasis. recs: Hop on Pop: the politics and pleasures of popular culture, edited by Jenkins, McPherson and Shattuc; The Wow Climax: tracing the emotional impact of popular culture by Henry Jenkins)

gay history (recs: Queering Teen Culture: All American Boys and Same-Sex Desire in Film and Television by Jeffery Dennis; Prime Time Closet: a history of gays and lesbians on TV by Stephen Tropiano; Gay TV and Straight America by Ron Becker)

fandom (recs: Fan Fiction and Fan Communities in the Age of the Internet, edited by Hellekson and Busse; The Adoring Audience: fan culture and popular media, edited by Lisa Lewis, Fan Cultures by Matt Hill, Theorizing Fandom: Fans, subculture and identity edited by Harris and Alexander)

and cybercommunity (recs: Virtual Culture: identity and communication in cybersociety edited by Steven Jones; Life on the Screen: identity in the age of the internet by Sherry Turkle; The World Wide Web and Contemporary Cultural Theory edited by Herman and Swiss - more for historical analysis since we're into web 2.0 now; Convergence Culture: where old and new media collide by Henry Jenkins, again)

Those are some that I've found most useful so far; have more to check out. Got a ton of journal articles (or at least it feels like it!) to put into the puzzle, but I'm thoroughly enjoying this. Now I just have to buckle down and start writing - funny thing one of my professors said awhile back -- you find yourself doing housework, or anything else, to put off the writing... and I love to write. But there are so many different pieces of the puzzle, and I want them ALL in there, and they won't all fit... Darned good thing I've got such a great thesis committee. Historians, a cultural studies person, a semiologist, a political economist; they'll keep me from running off madly in all directions.

Anyway, babbling done, lights are flickering - hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday, and welcome to 2008!!


Nov. 15th, 2007 09:39 pm
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while taking a break and trying to find a treat (it's TOUGH to find Thomas slash!) grokked this from somebody (matrixrefugee? i think) and had to share...

Which Dresden Files Character Are You?

Harry Dresden! You're a good man and a good wizard. You've had a lot of problems in your life, but you're making your way in the world, always ready to accept new challenges in order to help your friends whenever they need it. You're truly an inspiring individual. Just cut the pyromania down a bit.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

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Tried a couple times, because really some questions could go a few different ways (sex is a hobby, right?), and wavered between Harry and Thomas. Surprising no one.

On a happy side note, prospectus is now successfully defended, member on committee exchanged (I have a great committee -- all coming from different angles and giving me the most useful input), and thesis writing is set to begin next month, soon as my current seminar is complete. WooT!

Someday when my brain can switch between research and smut again, I'm going to write that Thomas/Ardeth Dresden/Mummy crossover... the brain boggles at the pretty.

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respect, and great affection, I say goodbye to my friend, Lily.  She was the glue that kept the group together.  I will remember her full laugh that made her eyes sparkle, her funny cat stories, her Guy Fawkes parties, her Pros obsession, her ready affection.  I will miss my friend.
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grokked from [personal profile] tenaya

Which Stargate Atlantis character are you most like?
Your Result: Col. John Sheppard

Spunky, witty, brave, and surprisingly intelligent--these are all adjectives that describe John Sheppard. By being simmilar in personality to him, it means that you can do pretty much anything you set your mind to. You love adventure, na dyou know how to make people laugh.

Dr. Rodney McKay
Ronan Dex
Teyla Emmagen
Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Dr. Radek Zelenka
Dr. Carson Beckett
Which Stargate Atlantis character are you most like?
Take More Quizzes

Lordy, I'm a slash pair all in my ownself! <snerf>  And Carson's my favorite character... guess opposites are attractive after all...
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Five things you never want to hear from your endodontist, as little wisps of smoke are drifting up from your mouth:

"... filling's pressing against the live nerve..."

"... lot of dead tissue irritating the live tissue..."

"That root's bleeding a lot! Still!"

"... severe inflammation..."

"Wow, these are really deep roots!"

All this while working on the very last molar in my jaw, which is starting to cramp from being held open so wide for so long with two hands and four instruments crammed into it... Then to tell me (quite cheerfully) that it was no wonder it throbbed so much, especially when I lay down, since there was a 'lot of bleeding inside the tooth' and he expected I'd been in 'severe pain' for awhile with it. Given that I nearly passed out just from the preliminary exam, when I got up to go from the X-ray chair to the Drilling chair (scaring the crap out of his nurse), this shouldn't have been a surprise. That cold stuff they use to see if you have a bad root is N*A*S*T*Y!

Now, blessedly pain free (although really, the four shots of jaw-numbing cocktail he jabbed me with helped right away with that - and man, are those big needles), scrips for pain and anti-inflammatory meds filled and dutifully taken, jaw feeling like I've been socked but with no more need to strap an ice pack to my face in order to try to sleep, I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that I have dental insurance and a bloody good endodontist.

Even if I wish he would stop muttering scary things under his breath whilst trying to dislocate my jaw... er, do my root canal.

Next week, I get to go back and see if the molar next to it (root canal done in 1986) will have to have its crown pried off and the root canal redone. Lovely. They had to re-do the X rays four times to get this one pictured (so far back in the corner of my jaw I gagged every - damned - time). So glad I'm not working or writing this weekend. I plan to stay drugged all the way through it; that will take care of the inflammation and the stressed jaw/gums/angry tooth.

On an up note, I passed my candidacy interview, got all the profs I wanted on my prelim thesis committee (and the one I really wanted to lead it agreed!) and when my brain is less scrambled I'll begin on my prospectus. They liked my idea too (WOOT!). Entering the home stretch!

falling into bed now.
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Home sick yesterday afternoon, woke up in time for season finales. Poor Lex. Yummy Dean. Yeah, I know why I watch...

Smallville finale spoilers )

Supernatural finale spoilers )

SPN quizzy

Apr. 6th, 2007 08:15 am
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thanks to [ profile] jinx37kat for this!
Your Supernatural adventure by mandatora
Sexual Preference
Weapon of choice
You'reIn a dark forest
Where you run into
You meet whenyou attack him with your evil powers
He says"What do you want for breakfast?"
He then takes you toYour parents' place
Where youplay Scrabble
The next morning hetells you that you look damn sexy in his shirt.
Possibilty of him calling you:
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to all! Any day we all make it to the end of the week in one piece is a good Friday.

Ever see a cat look horrified? It's hilarious. This morning post-shower-and-lotion I absently reached over to pat Danny-cat. She reared back like a scorpion facing a challenge and gave me the most horrified look -- whiskers straight out, ears straight up, lip curled, eyes the size of dinner plates, nose wrinkled... I could practically hear her say, "Mama! You STINK!"

So just for fun I ruffled the top of her head.

Cat-huffing is pretty damned funny, too.

On a side note, between car woes ($3895 for a PART? the warranty expired 2 weeks ago? Are they insane?), homework (couple very interesting seminars this quarter -- history of cold war era tv & film, and critical approaches to tv & film - plus I go up for candidacy in a month - prospectus fun - yeah, I'm insane), work (spring break next week! Yay! Finally time... for the doctor, the plumber, the veterinarian, the housecleaning, the (more) homework, the tax man...) Any friends who were wondering, no, not dead yet, just never home and seldom on-line for fun, only work. Or homework. Or the occasional dip into reading fan fiction at two in the morning when my body's asleep but my brain won't shut up. So, hello!

gack, off to the reference desk now (then setting up the book giveaway table, then sorting gift books, then working on topics pages...) -- bye!


Feb. 13th, 2007 08:01 am
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surfacing to say woot!  Four more classes (2 quarters) and my thesis to go -- one more year!  Unless I decide to go for me PhD in which case someone should probably drug me, tie me up and stick me in a closet until the insanity passes...

On a fannish note, go Jason Isaacs!  Not only did he get a positive Roush review for his new BBC America miniseries, but he was identified as Jason Isaacs from Showtime's Brotherhood rather than Jason Isaacs who played Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter film.  Nice to see current projects getting pimped for him!

On a work note, SPring semester started, so between that and my own course work, I'm falling back into the deep end.  *burble*
sinking back beneath the surface
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Steve Irwin was buried with dignity in a private ceremony yesterday.  He changed the way I look at the world.  The news reports say that psychologists warn his death will affect children the way the deaths of Princess Diana and John Kennedy affected adults.  Well, it affects a lot of adults that way, too.

He was one of a kind.  He lived as he died, doing what he loved to do, and he'll be sorely missed.

Have fun with the crocs and other critters up in the big wildlife reserve in the sky, Crikey-dude.  You deserve it.


Sep. 9th, 2006 08:41 pm
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Cool news out of Venice:  Ben Affleck won the award for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival.  And all he had to do was play Superman to do it... okay, yeah, so he played a tortured soul who played Superman and didn't want to, and might have been murdered but was ruled a suicide, and 'Hollywoodland' is a mouthfull of a title, and I think if Adrian Brody wasn't in it I'd pay to see it at a movie theatre. Since Brody irritates me just be being on the screen, I'll rent in on DVD so I can FF the bits I don't want to watch.  It also has Bob Hoskins in it, playing a bastard, so that's a plus. 

In other weird news, Kenneth Branagh set the Magic Flute in World War I and had the Queen of the Night riding around on a tank in his latest adaptation of Shakespeare a la Mozart filtered through Branagh.  That one should be fun.  For his next mind-bender, he's taking Harold Pinter (Nobel winning writer), Michael Caine (who played the young stud in the original) and Jude Law (as the young stud, 'cause he's pretty AND can act), and remaking 'Sleuth.'  Anyone who hasn't seen Sleuth (original version, with Olivier in the role Caine's going to take on now) Go.  Rent.  Watch.  Amazing.

In the category of 'hope they end up at the head table together; the ensuing food fight would be epic':  Bush, the Dixie Chicks, and Mike Moore are all at the Toronto Film Festival together.  If anything can strain the legendary Canadian polite manners, this may be it.  Somebody, bring in the handcuffs and gags!  Or at least videotape it!

MFG (bless her pervy heart) led me back to the Prettiest Men on the Planet, the French Rugby Team, Stade Fran├žais.  Dieux du Stade yearly calendars are pure black and white poetry caught on film; yes, they're naked, and yes, my God, they're gorgeous.  Enough so that I navigate the French site without knowing a word of French in order to buy them.  To see why I drool, go to here or keyword search Dieux du Stade : Calendrier 2006 at  Ahhhh. Mercy, me.

In the 'but there are so many better ones, so why, Why, WHY?' category, Pirates 2 (aka the Film that Needed Many Edits) is now third in history for box office take.  Disproving the idiom that the middle of a trilogy is the hardest to sell, and proving that folks will pay to see anything that has Depp in eyeliner and Bloom brooding beautifully.  I enjoyed the film, but I can't believe it's the third best in history (when best = most people paid to see it).  Heck, for my money, it wasn't even the third best this year.  Those would be, in order, X-Men 3, An Inconvenient Truth, and The Illusionist.  I'd even watch Superman Returns again before I'd see Pirates 2 again.  Much as I love the actors, the direction was... muddy to the point of inducing boredom.  And if manic silliness is the selling point, Over the Hedge was more satisfying.

SG-1 was good last night.  I like Vala.  I adore Daniel.  I'm glad tPtB are finally admitting just how delightfully gay Danny actually is.  I wouldn't fight nearly that hard to disagree with a date with Vala.  And the hug at the end?  Wonderful.  Absolutely platonic.  Adorable, I tell ya! (and before anyone who isn't a slasher freaks, unlike some, I actually KNOW there's a difference between the actor and the character.  Daniel's delightfully queer.  Shanks isn't.  So his lady wife doesn't need to kick my ass for saying it.  That's why it's called 'a-c-t-i-n-g').  Which segues nicely into...

Why I LOVE Brad Pitt, even as I wonder about his taste in women:  Brad says he won't marry Angelina Jolie until the restrictions on who can marry whom are dropped.  He'll get married 'when everyone can.'  Love this man.  Soul as beautiful as his body.

Needed that.  Bad week at work.  Very tired.  Feet and head hurt.  But cats are healthy, the men are beautiful, Daniel's a dear, Ben's back and Brad's the MAN.  So on balance, life is lovely.

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Each year on my Mom's birthday, in remembrance, I light a beautiful glowing blue candle, the color of a robin's egg.  The flame flickers inside, causing the butterflies painted on the outside to flicker, as if they were floating on a breeze.  It was Mom's favorite candle.  I put it in the window and I remember.

A close friend told me that as long as we remember our loved ones are never truly gone.  So as the candle glows, I write a short piece in memory of Joyce.  This year I went through my pictures and had a fantastic evening remembering things that happened years ago, and stories Mom told me.  Then I took some of my favorites and wrote those memories down, creating a scrapbook page.  If you'd like to see it, check out and click on Memories (9/5/06).

I hope you enjoy it.  I loved putting it together.  This is my candle, honoring an incredible lady.


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Wow.  Some nice person who didn't leave their name gifted me with two months of LJ time.  Thank you, whoever you are, kind person!  Now I will poke around and see what I can do with that.  Very nice of you!
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Swimming to the top of the torpor that is summer, I finally finished a couple stories.  If interested, I've posted What Remains, an X-Men 3 movieverse story about Scott and Logan after Jean, and Family, a Kyle XY vignette, over at the Keep under new.
Two more days then it's back to the grind.  Whoo.  At least the worst is over.

Small weird babble here.  It's interesting how people react differently to crisis.  Some reach out, and freak out if they don't get an immediate response.  Some reach out, then hibernate if they don't get a response.  Some curl up in a ball and hide until it's over and hope there's someone to reach out to after the storm's over.

I'm the third kind, and now I feel a little like a plant that's been under ice for months, feeling the sun and uncurling after a very long time.

It's good to feel the sunshine.

Growing up the way I did, essentially bouncing from one place to another most of my life, I got used to not burdening friends with my problems (even if they said they wanted that burden) because (1) whining was a good way to lose friends and (2) I don't like to talk about my problems when I'm stuck in the middle of them.  I also understood at a very young age that I wasn't one to hang on when there were no longer commonalities between myself and others around me, because that made me a burden rather than a joy to be around.  Within my immediate family I knew what it was like to love and like someone, to love someone without liking them, and to neither love nor like someone.

Perhaps that's where my ability to connect and reconnect with people came from; with some of my friends, years will go by when we don't talk then, when we do, it feels as if we just talked yesterday.  But interaction with others has made it clear to me that not everyone is like this; many people need to connect continuously, need to share things I don't feel right or comfortable in sharing.  I hope that won't be a barrier to remaining friends; I treasure these people, but I don't think that way, and I can't relate that way.  I haven't had a prolonged hermit period like this last year since I was in the military, when I had to deal with physical illness, depression and emotional exhaustion.  Most of my friends have never seen me like this.  My hope is that no one thinks I'm disrespecting them, or cutting them out.  This is how I deal with distress.  When the crisis is past, it's done, and it's time to move forward.

Maybe this is my way of creating a distance I can live with.  I don't know; it's the way I've been since I was a child.  I don't think I can change; I don't want to.  It's the way of functioning that works for me.  I don't want it to hurt anyone else, though.  We'll see what happens.  Now that I'm back in the sunshine and out of the shadow, I look forward to seeing who's hanging out in the light with me.


Jul. 6th, 2006 09:01 pm
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What an incredibly bizarre week.

Bad things:  had to explain to my deadbeat brother I haven't talked to in over a decade that no, he couldn't mooch money off either of our parents, because they're DEAD.  Mom's been gone twelve years, Dad two, and Stupid never cared enough to stay in touch enough to even know that.  So that was a lovely hour and a half, ending a sad day when I saw off my sister-friend MFG to her new home out of state.  I am going to miss her very much.

Of course, my Dad didn't know his mother was dead until a few years after she'd died either, so who knows, maybe it runs in the genes.  Not mine, but definitely my brother's.  What an idiot.

Then, icing on the cake, found out today somebody hacked my paypal account and nearly emptied my bank account via my atm card.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH.  Spent much of this afternoon on the phone and filling out/sending in affidavits to paypal, my bank, getting my atm card closed, re-setting all my paypal info, etc etc etc.  Since I did NOT respond to any paypal spam (in fact, any that came into my inbox that the spam filter didn't catch, I reported on to paypal) I don't have any freakin' clue how they got the damned password.

Ow ow ow.

Then came to the conclusion (after waffling on forever) that a combination of stress, expense, time, work demands, and course content have led me to decide not to continue in the CSULA communications program.  If they taught the US approach to mass media (sociology and psychology based) I'd love it; that's what I thought it was when I started it.  But no, they teach the UK approach to mass communication (political economy); the thought of plowing my way through another six quarters of that, only to be qualified to teach something I can't stand, is enough to make me shake my head and walk away.

The first MA was to make a living; this one was for me, and I don't like torture.  Well, at least, not in public, and not with strangers.  I think I'll take a second look at CSUDominguez Hills.  I don't have to fight cross-LA traffic in the middle of rush hour twice a week to get there, plus they offer a MA in sociology... so I can do the queer theory I'm actually interested in rather than the neo-Marxism that makes me want to hack up hairballs.

So I'll finish the class on sex and gender in pop culture I'm taking this summer and that'll be it.  Sigh.  Took forever to finally make up my mind; I hate quitting, but I hate even worse subjecting myself to something that isn't what I hoped it would be on the off-chance it'll get better... when I know it won't.

THEN, I get home this evening and try to open the back window to get some air, and... yes, wait for it... the damned window mechanism breaks.  So I have to call my landlady to come out and fix it so I don't have to leave the apartment unsecure to go to work.  Thankfully, my landlady is an absolute gem, so that's all fixed.

Still, a hit to the family side, a hit to the friend side, a hit to the money side, a hit to the educational aspirations side, and a hit to the house side... gah.  Bad week.

Then I finally get the blasted answering machine to spit out my messages and find out two friends who think I've dropped off the edge of the earth are phoning this week to see 'how I am.'  Er, not the best at the moment. :)

On the bright side (literally), thanks to SG, I got a head's-up on when the shuttle was flying past, and I SAW IT!  It was amazingly cool.  A shooting star that was actually a flying starship.  So bloody incredible.

Plus, tomorrow's Friday.  Beginning of a weekend full of no money, no access to my bank account, no MFG to whine to/eat pancakes with, too much heat with no a/c, and too many memories to stuff back in the bottom of my brain.

At least I'll be able to call back friends and catch up on email!
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Welcome to Summer! Here's a link to one of my favorite places, the Circle Sanctuary, and what Selena Fox has to say about it (and other things):

Try not to fry. It's waaaay too hot out there. 105 in the Valley in the middle of June... and they say there's no such thing as global warming. Pah.

And on a side note of hotness, it made my morning commute to look up and see Jason Isaacs' pretty face on a couple billboards lining Centinela and Sepulveda.  He's going to be playing the bad brother Michael in Showtime series Brotherhood beginning 7/9.  Of course he's the bad boy.  Look at those bright blue eyes.  How could he not be evil?  heh heh heh.
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