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Not what I was hoping for.

I feel like I'm committing heresy or something, but  I just watched Hobbit 2 and, well, it was kind of boring.  The best part for me was watching Martin Freeman act more with the wave of one hand than most of the cast did with their whole bodies, and Lee Pace chew the scenery as Thranduil (Pace is proof that once in a great while Oklahoma gives us beautiful gifts).

Otherwise? Legolas was spritely, chopping up Orcs, insulting baby Gimli, and chopping up even more orcs.  Kili screams nicely (the scene with him in the cell and Mary Sue- er, Tauriel, was sweet).  And, well, Armitage did his best - the face-off with Smaug was intense, albeit a failure, much like the face-off with Thranduil was intense, albeit a failure.

Which I think might be one of the problems I had with the movie as a whole - the sense of a doomed enterprise.  That, and deja vu.  Gandalf once again pinned to Sauron's gray wall.  Another army of orcs.  Sauron's flaming vagina- er, eyeball.  Another elf/dwarf connection (though Kili is cuter than Gimli, and Legolas is cuter than Mary Sue- er, Tauriel).  Yet another interminable run through the ruins of mines. Way too many slo-mo reaction shots (if they weren't actually slo-mo, they sure felt like it). Another pretty elf stuffing leaves into another cute little wounded, poisoned brunet. Another noble human trying to make up for his (fore)father's mistake. Boring.

Unlike the Lord of the Rings trilogy, where I actually cared about the Fellowship, the dwarves were essentially interchangeable.  I don't see the dwarves as having a grand quest - Thorin's grandfather was an overly-prideful, greedy nutcase who brought about the destruction of his people.  Thorin is an overly-prideful warrior who, as far as I can figure, wants his gold back.  The fate of the world?  not really, just a gold-horder who is willing (eager?) to toss whomever he needs to into the dragon's maw to get his bling back.  I can't get an emotional investment from that.

Seriously, it's a mess.  Gandalf breaks his word.  Thorin, well, see above.  Interchangeable dwarves, bleah.  Elves that are willing to let evil reign (no matter how pretty they are doing it). A quest that can NOT end well, and has the basest of motives. A completely unnecessary addition in Mary Sue- er, Tauriel.

I see nothing of note in Tauriel, who let her Prince go off into a battle she urged him into, with no back-up.  Yeah, it's lovely that she did the Angel gig with Kili, but the fact is that Legolas was following his king's command, and she subverted him into following the orcs with -no- -backup- then when the battle started she left him to race after a company of orcs alone while she stayed behind. Is she a warrior or a healer?  Does she have any loyalty?  Do I care?  No, not really, because nothing in the character has any depth.  She feels like a Mary Sue, and with all the padding the first two Hobbit movies had already, she's excess baggage.

The only character who comes out well at all is Bilbo.  He shows a burgeoning strength of character that is out of place in the company he keeps, and he's the only one who seems to notice the collateral damage.  I'll watch the next one when it comes out to see how he gets home, but my hopes for enjoyment are not high.  This is a trilogy that should have been told as the book was - in a single sitting.

Smaug was funny, though.  And the bear dude was cool, if tragic.  On the whole, though, it was a downer, in all the wrong ways.

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