Jul. 6th, 2009 09:56 pm
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Hm, who knew.  Just the other day (May 13th, in fact, as it's his birthday) I was wondering what ever happened to my brother Bobby.  Then, hey, he contacted me.  Through LJ.  Guess I should update more than every six months, eh?  And hey, his son Patrick, that angelic little blond toddler I remember, is all grown up and looking amazingly like my uncle Vince.  And on his facebook photo, he's holding an angelic little blond toddler that looks a heck of a lot like he did over twenty years ago.

I am getting so. freaking. old.

Still, it's nice to make contact with family.  A little unnerving, given that my family history has been anything but sunshine and roses, but really kind of nice.  The strange thing?  My nephew's living in the same town where I was offered a job in 1995.  So we might have made contact then if I hadn't taken the job in Texas instead.  See what happens when you try to avoid rainy weather and opt for sunshine?  An extra decade and a half goes by before contact is once again made.  Huh!  The even stranger thing?  My brother sounds so much like he did in 1986 that it's freaky.  I can hear his voice in his email.

Little bemused now.  Feeling hopeful and hesitant and happy all at the same time.
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