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Clawing my way out of the black hole (not caused by Red Matter, but by brain matter), I wave at you.  And burble.

New!Trek:  The way Quinto inserted 'Fascinating' and Urban inserted "I'm a doctor not a..." and Pine didn't believe in no-win scenarios.  I think they really got the casting right.  Quinto gave me flashbacks to first season Spock, before the lid was clamped down.  Pine may look nothing like Shatner, but he has Young and Restless written all over him (in a good way).  Urban is eerily reminiscent of DeForrest Kelley, more in the way he moves than anything else (although the voice is GREAT).  Saldana did her best, but she was a little weak in the roll - I like take-no-nonsense Uhura, but the actress didn't quite carry if off.  Cho didn't quite sell me on Sulu, either.  But overall, it worked well.  The plot was an excellent way to reset the universe (and unlike most of the plot devices used in the different series, this one I actually bought).  Spock Prime rocked... Nimoy tied it all together, both with the way his character 'birthed' the friendship of Kirk and McCoy but also with his gravitas and deep emotion simmering beneath the surface.  That's another thing Quinto did well, bringing that conflict into his character.  Bana was a more sympathetic psychotic villian than I expected, and the mis-timing of his revenge as the trigger of the universal reset (creating the alternate universe) was very well executed (pun intended). 

Things that amused me: Pegg makes a better Scot than he does an Englishman.  Saldana actually looks like her Barbie doll, and Pine looks more like his Ken doll than he does the Playmates doll that was actually created with his likeness. Yelchin was an adorable Chekov.  I was a little afraid of seeing this movie, but wanted to give it a chance, and I'm glad I did.  The best way to look at it is definitely not a re-imagining of the original series, but as literally an alternate dimension, a 'what if' that takes a single character (Kirk), radically changes one element of his backstory (the fate of his father) leading to a very different character.  Following that Kirk, as he becomes a leader, and seeing how the other changes affect other characters (Spock's mother, Scotty's failed experiment), make it easy to see this as a different group, not just the same old group in younger bodies.  I look forward to the next couple movies - I think this was a great start.

Wolverine:  I can only assume that the critics who were disappointed were expecting the humor of Iron Man or the surface gloss of many 'hero' movies.  They should have looked at the title.  The movie was just what it should have been, considering the main character - grief and pain, followed by kicking ass, followed by a brief bit of happiness and even greater grief and pain, followed by major kicking ass, followed by extreme grief and pain, leading eventually to more kicking ass.  It began where it should have, with revelation and heartbreak, and ended where it needed to, with amnesiac Wolverine heading off to cage fight in Canada until Rogue comes along to pull him into the XMen saga.  The mini-mutants were well cast, Sabretooth was exceptional, Gambit ROCKED (need more Gambit!), and the story actually made sense.  Jackman was incredible, not just with the insane body building (although that made my jaw drop a few times) but also in the tender moments, and the epiphanies, and the grief-pain-heartache.  He really put his heart into this one, as well as his body, and that made the movie flow.

And hey, next week, Angels and Demons!  I didn't see the first movie, because honestly the author is a hack, but this one has Ewan McGregor in a cassock.  There's something about Scotsmen.  Put 'em in a dress, be it a kilt or a cassock, and hoo-YAH.  I'm there.

Book bits:  just finished Carrie Fisher's autobiography (Wishful Drinking) that cheerfully illustrated that if you can't laugh at your pain, it will kill you.  To balance that out, I've been delving into Aaron Elkins' Gideon Oliver books (just finished Little Tiny Teeth) - interesting to read about crime solving from the perspective of a forensics prof (the Skeleton Detective - snicker), plus it's set in Washington State, where I went to grad school the first time, and his plots are always twisty and interesting and well-researched.  For fun, and because I'm in withdrawal, the BBC Dr Who and Torchwood books have been meeting my sexy immortals story needs.  I have carefully hoarded two Jim Butcher novels and a graphic novel, so sometime soon I'm going to take a weekend and delve into Dresden's world again. 

TV bits:  Unexpected but true - I really like Callen and Sam on NCIS OSP.  I'll watch it, because I like Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J make an outstanding partnership. On NBC, I can't believe they're dicking around with renewing Chuck - Leno has a lot to answer for, taking five hours of prime time away from scripted shows.  I always did like Letterman better than Leno, and now I wouldn't watch Leno if they paid me.  Over on CBS, the only reason I can think that they aren't moving on renewing Eleventh Hour is that some suit somewhere hates the show.  It was the second best performer of the new dramas, and the first was Mentalist, which outperformed every other new show from all the outlets, so one would think that would be enough to get Eleventh Hour renewed.  Darn it, I like that show!  It doesn't even have the excuse ABC used when they canceled Pushing Daisies (the twits!), because it's a procedural with science elements, not quirky or daring or strange - just GOOD.  Idiots.

I was looking forward to trundling out and seeing friends yesterday... then the 'dorks with tools' who call themselves plumbers who are 'working' (?) on the unit beside mine parked their truck directly in front of my garage and trapped me.  Then they disappeared.  For five hours.  I tried calling my landlady, but she didn't answer her phone.  By the time the jerks finally came back and moved their stupid truck, it was too late to go anywhere.  Late last night I heard my landlady come by and retrieve the key... maybe she's tired of them, too.  I hope.  They've been tearing things up next door since September and are not even close to finishing.  I'm just waiting for the fools to break a line or something under my living room, then I'll have to move so they can tear up this unit too.  So freakin' tired of this.

Thank God for books and movies and tv or I'd be staring at the wall wondering where I could find some scotch.  You may have noticed I didn't mention work...  trying not to think about it.  Augh.

Later, gators.
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