Dec. 14th, 2008


Dec. 14th, 2008 08:27 am
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What a difference a new modem makes!  It actually loads pictures without timing out!  And it's less than a quarter the size of the last one!  It's smaller than my little plug-in answering machine (that seldom actually works)!

Hmmm.  Perhaps the miniaturization is a clue that my old modem was, well, pretty darned old.

And maybe I should look into a new little answering machine.

But first, I must find a floor lamp, because my kitchen light is on the blink (again).  Given that my heater only works part of the time (and tries to gas me on a regular basis), my plumbing is more temperamental than a top ten diva, my oven only works when I open the broiler and blow on the tubes to make the gas ignite, my towel racks are falling off the wall, my shower leaks, my door and windows are leakier than an industrial sieve, my hard drive is close to death, I only have one jury-rigged telephone line supporting a modem, two telephones and an answering machine (splitters are my friend), and the last time I called to add a cable line, my landlady had to go to the company office with paperwork to approve the damned thing, I think I'll do my usual, and find a work-around.  If I ask for anything to be fixed, my rent will go up.  Can you tell I'm a little tired of things NOT WORKING?

Sigh.  Thank you for anyone who had the kindness (or was bored enough) to read my vent.  Feeling better now.  Off to Target, Ikea, Lamps Plus or someplace to get some light so I'm not washing dishes in the dark (again).

Happy Sunday!

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